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Moving Forward in our Adoption

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

We just selected a child from the waiting child’s list! Here’s how it happened and what’s next.

For the past few weeks, I have wondered whether or not to pursue a match with a child due to the coronavirus cases and uncertainty worldwide. Just recently, I began to feel an intuitive push to move forward. I believe that was God saying, hey, what are you waiting for?

Yesterday, I sat with my laptop for two hours while going through the list of waiting children in India. I started with the sibling groups, as we have planned to adopt two kids, but they were the same as before. Almost all groups with only two kids have one that is already in high school and the youngest child is usually about ten. That is troublesome to me because I prefer to homeschool. I feel concerned about what children are learning in the school system right now, especially here in Seattle, and older kids who are used to a highly populated country could be adverse to homeschooling.

Finally, I decided to look more closely at the single waiting children and the special needs children. These are quite long lists! I said a prayer and tried to look at their birth dates less than I have in the past, though as I got tired, I resorted to focusing on the younger kids. There were two kids who struck me as sweet and friendly and had good health. On the special needs list, I noticed a boy with hearing issues whose intelligent and active personality had been noted on the forms.

Keep in mind—the waiting list provides scant information—a picture, a few forms hastily filled out by social workers and a medical data sheet.

This morning, I prayed about these three children, and at last I felt inspired to contact our social worker about the boy with hearing issues. As a teacher, I feel interested in challenging situations, and this would certainly be a whole new world for me. But we do need more information because we have been warned multiple times during the adoption process that disabilities can lead to additional problems when children live in institutions.

I will keep you all updated. I cannot share any private details about the children until everything is decided, but I can tell you about how this part of the process goes—how much more we get to see in the extra information the orphanage will provide and also the process of meeting with a doctor to go over the medical information.

I do believe in prayer, but I also believe that God sometimes distracts and diverts us when that is needed. Even though we have now made a real step forward, I plan to stay patient and open-minded while we learn more about this child.

Being Christians in 2020

In my previous blogs, I have questioned the black lives matter movement and its true agenda which I believe is dangerous to everyone, but especially Christians. They have recently removed the most extreme language from the BLM website, but over two months ago, I read through it. The fundamental belief in Marxism and the end of the nuclear family (meaning marriage) were clearly stated. For those who are not clear on this point, here is what Marx said about religion:

Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.

In other words, religion is a drug that the people are given so that they can be oppressed. It is hard to face the dangerous times we are living in now, but they are here.

In my last blog, I wrote about the need for a Christian revival because I believe it could help us reconnect as a nation under Christ, and I promised I would do some research on people who might lead such a movement. I felt hopeful as I arrived at that idea, and my hope only increased as I began my search for this leader.

I believe a revival is already well underway for these 3 reasons.

1. There are Christians who have seen this coming for years. They have been speaking against black lives matter, Marxism, and social justice theory with strong voices. These people were alert, socially active and wise enough to see today’s problems in their emerging states. They understand our current situation well, and this is why they are so articulate and clear in their arguments.

2. Young people are involved in actively countering progressive Christianity and social justice theory. This is great news! 2020 has affected the millennials more than anyone else, and a vast number are feeling tremendous peer pressure to follow the BLM movement. They can be steered toward people their own age who are questioning it.

3. Many people, regardless of faith background, are pushing for less social division and more conversation. This is a prevailing theme among regular people (not the media, of course), and it is a healing point of view that adheres to our calling to love our brothers and sisters.

About 5 years ago, I gave up on the news because I felt that the headlines and stories were only depressing me. Now I see what a mistake that was.

As someone who made that mistake, I humbly encourage all of you to join this revival in progress by getting informed and by sharing your thoughts actively. Just by commenting on videos and passing them along to your friends, you can play a part in helping the next leader emerge. And don’t be afraid to write your own thoughts or create your own videos. We need more voices speaking out against the dangerous social trends of our time. I am providing a list of resources below.

Tim Tebow, a potential leader:

More on Tim Tebow, a miracle baby:

Dr. Voddie Baucham, a potential leader:

Allie Beth Stuckey is a great young voice speaking against this movement. She interviewed him:

You can search for Dr. Baucham on YouTube--he has given lectures on Marxism and social justice theory, and he has been researching these issues for many years. I am very impressed with his teaching, and I highly recommend that first sermon I linked above. It is unforgettable. On the other hand, he has strict biblical views on women and homosexuality. Personally, I am of two minds as to whether he would be a polarizing or unifying force. I have always believed that a small percentage of people are genetically gay, but the transgender movement, so extreme that it is applied to kids who have not reached puberty, strikes me as highly dangerous and opposed to God. I am still researching and praying on points like these.

Melissa Dougherty, a young Christian who discourages progressive Christianity: She does interviews with other young Christians like her, so is a great resource for young voices.

Os Guinness, another voice that saw the crisis developing from early stages:

Carol Swain, a strong voice who has opposed this movement for years.

One extra note: One of my students recently read a work document on critical race theory. Because I teach advanced English skills to professionals and I live in Seattle, the majority of my students are in the tech industry. They often read work documents or presentation materials to me so that I can check their pronunciation. This is why that student read about critical race theory, and I objectively told her which words were mispronounced. I will not divulge which company that was, but I can assure you, it was one of the largest. I also ask students conversation questions and give them tips on phrases native speakers would use. During conversations, I have learned about the current popularity of books teaching social justice theory—how people are discussing them in book clubs.

People who work in the tech industry are some of the most intelligent math-science brains in the world, but that does not mean that they can read bias in headlines. This is so sad to me. Do you speak a foreign language? Ask yourself if you would be able to recognize the fact that a newspaper like The New York Times was biased if you were reading it in Spanish or Mandarin. These people have trouble seeing the danger because they think they are outside of it as recent immigrants, and they too are facing peer pressure combined with the fear of losing their jobs.

I want to emphasize the fact that many minds are being indoctrinated these days—and this includes the millions of recent immigrants who have a doubly hard time distinguishing fake news from fair news if the latter even exists.

What has happened in your life? How many people have you met who agree with teaching critical race theory to children in schools? Are you still wondering and feeling confused? If you are, you will hesitate to take action, and to whose benefit is that? Massive damage has been done to our society. It is truly time to step up and push for healing. As Christians, we have the moral values that bring hope and strength.

Regardless of who wins the election, there will still be millions of people who believe in ideas that threaten to destroy our society from within. We really need to reject these ideas, return to fundamentals, restore our humble lifestyles and do whatever we can to serve God in turning this tragic time into an opportunity to save our broken society.

Please choose action. Pass along videos. Choose a strong stance and think of a few simple words you can use to speak this stance to others. When you do, you will feel hope spring up inside you, as it has in me.

Erica Rosi Tham

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