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Another Small Step Forward

It has been a rough two weeks, but we continue to move forward with our adoption. A few days after I posted my last blog, I received word from our agency that the orphanage was under lockdown due to the virus. We were on hold once again.

Just yesterday morning, I heard the good news that the lockdown has ended. Our social worker is communicating with the orphanage so that we can receive more details and a video about the boy we are interested in. I cannot provide any information about the child until after we are officially matched. And we have to remain open-minded at this point.

Within a week or so, we should receive updates on the medical report (right now a few tests are missing), as well as some more up-to-date information on how he is doing. Once all of the medical information is in, we will contact a doctor who specializes in adoptions, have this person inspect our data and provide us with a realistic idea of this boy’s needs. This is a critical phase. We have been warned that it is easy to fall in love with a picture; it’s important to make sure that this is truly a good fit all around.

There are new kids added to the list every day. I believe that God has either helped us to find this boy or is delaying us until our child arrives on the list.

This is a banyan tree we saw in India. The adoption process is similarly complicated :)

I believe we may all need to remain open-minded about God’s plan in the weeks to come, and I want to encourage everyone to be skeptical while watching the media. As a resident of Seattle whose eyes were opened to the media last summer, I can tell you that I am even more disturbed by recent developments. Let me explain.

Before last summer, if anyone had told me that the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, BBC and NPR had become propagandist, I would have laughed it away as a crazy conspiracy theory. But last summer in Seattle, the CHOP zone came into being. A group of people took over a police precinct and three city blocks that had apartment buildings and small businesses, and these people declared that they would occupy this area in the name of black lives matter; they vowed not to leave until their demands were met. These demands were impossible to achieve in a small amount of time. And yet…

All of the news networks I listed above played down the fact that this was illegal behavior. On the contrary, they depicted CHOP as if it was just a fun event for activist young people, and pandemic concerns should be put aside. Now I could go on and on about all the absurd and disturbing events from that time, including the gang violence and accidents that led to several deaths, but here is my point: my eyes were opened, one hundred percent, regarding the media. Nothing they said was true. They painted a fantasy of a street festival where there was actually a complete breakdown of the law. I have protested in the past, and I had nothing against protesting for racial equality, but this was an ongoing protest on a street where people lived and had small businesses--it was utterly unethical and illegal.

Now, I truly hope that recent events have opened your eyes too (if they were not already). However, I realize it is hard to accept the truth about an old favorite, in my case NPR, and it is even harder to see the truth when you are watching the news via cable, rather than reading headlines. Headlines reveal obvious bias whereas a nightly show welcomes you into a group of nice-looking people and works more subtly from there. But you can hear the bias once you recognize the key terms.

The following ideas were being repeated across networks last week:

1. baseless claims of election fraud, false allegations of election fraud, no evidence of election fraud

2. our country has been free of election fraud for years (except rare cases)

3. Trump is a vindictive sore loser

4. Trump is divisive, whereas Biden will bring calm and unity

The first point is very strange because the Trump team has said that they have witnesses. A witness is evidence. And yet, these media sources are continuing to say that there is no evidence. Here is a short and accessible interview with Rudy Giuliani. Notice how the interviewers appear skeptical:

As to the second point, that our country has been free of election fraud for years, does this ring true to you? Did you never hear about political corruption in Chicago, L.A. or New York? In case you are unsure, here is a map of recent election fraud cases and convictions:

Trump is a vindictive sore loser. First of all, this is emotional manipulation, not news. These are not the kinds of ideas that journalists should express at all. Do you believe that Trump is, in fact, a vindictive sore loser? If so, are you sure you know why? I believed the media’s representation of Trump until last summer when my city began to fall apart. Before that, I would have vehemently argued with anyone who said Trump had any good qualities. Why? Because I saw his name associated with words like tyrant and bully over and over again.

When we hear the same phrase 10, 20, or 40 times from multiple sources, we believe it is true.

Let’s consider who is being divisive. Notice that Trump is called “vindictive,” a very aggressive and emotion-laden word in itself. Is Trump dividing the country … or is it the media? They criticize Trump for using terms like “sleepy Joe” while they use terms like “sore loser.” What is the difference?

As someone who lives in Seattle, I also believe that calling the election last Saturday was a divisive move. It was disturbingly premature in a contested election. When I saw all of those people dancing in the streets, what I really saw was the thousands of people who would become rioters if the election results ultimately favor Trump. Frankly, from my point of view, calling the election was a chess move and possibly a threat.

Lastly, we are supposed to believe that Biden will bring calm and unity. We have already been trained to believe that Trump is a mean-spirited tyrant, and so the natural opposite is a peace-inspiring president. Of course, most of us want calm and unity. And of course, most of us want racial equality. But lurking beneath the surface, in both cases, are larger packages of ideas. Along with racial equality, we have been pushed to defund our police, and we have also been pushed to accept transgenderism as a natural state. Along with “calm and unity,” we are now being persuaded to accept a close election result with little or no contention, and we are expected to do this even when we know how wrong the polls were. Personally, as much as I fear what could happen in my city, and as much as I still disagree with Trump's H-1B visa stance, that is an unacceptable package deal. If an election is close, the loser has the right to investigate it.

It helps to use some of the new, independent media to realize that thousands of peaceful, reasonable people are taking action to support a fair election. You will rarely see these people given voice on any of the mainstream media, unless they are intentionally being made to look like fools. Here are a couple videos I found in which intelligent people with legitimate concerns were interviewed.

A 10-minute news report from November 8th including an interview with a poll watcher:

This is a long one, but you can find interviews with pro-Trump protesters starting in minute 6:

Here is a short report from a the news network that appears biased against the protesters, but I believe that the man they interview sounds reasonable:

There is one part of me that wants to stay focused on the adoption and not even risk posting these thoughts, but unfortunately, I fear that our country could begin to mirror the city of Seattle. If I can encourage just a few people to question the mainstream media’s authority through sharing my story, I want to do it. If we can convince those still half-believing the media’s messages that they are false, we might lessen the violence that could occur in the upcoming weeks.

To imagine that the whole of mainstream media has sold out and is intentionally sending false messages to citizens of this country is a frightening proposition. But there is room for great hope. Rather than helplessly watching while our country declines into a state where no one trusts the election process, everyone lives with the fear of being called racist and children are pushed toward transgenderism before reaching puberty, in fact, the evil leaders behind these dangerous ideas could be found out. We might witness a great turn-around and restoration of society. If the leaders promoting the mainstream media’s lies are taken down, then perhaps we will receive real news again, and our society will begin to heal from the damage that has been done.

Erica Rosi Tham

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