Erica Rosi Tham

Hello. You'll get to know me through my blog, but here's a few extra facts that may help us connect. I have always found solace in writing and literature, yet after grad school, I found myself immersed in English language teaching. I've felt grateful for this vocation, as I have been able to learn so much by meeting people from around the world. During the last ten years, I have specialized in teaching pronunciation to advanced learners, and I have truly loved helping people to learn sounds and speak with confidence.

I also enjoy writing--or I wouldn't be here. I create a lot of English exercises for learners, and I enjoy writing fiction and poetry as the inspiration strikes. 

I hope this blog will help others who are considering or going through the adoption process. For me, reading about another person's feelings, frustrations and hopes can be validating, and these are what I wish to share with you. 

If you enjoy this, please consider making a small donation to our family. Thanks!

In the picture, my husband Philip is on the left, then me, then my brother-in-law, Al, and my mother-in-law, my kiaw as they say in the Khasi language. 

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