Erica Rosi Tham

Welcome! I'm an English language teacher, a writer, and soon-to-be adoptive parent.

I started this blog in order to help others navigate the uphill climb of international adoption by sharing our experiences. Last year, while our adoption was in limbo and as our country went into turmoil, I also began sharing thoughts on current issues.

My goals for this year are to provide some resources that help people find or return to Christianity while also working to advocate for adoption and the de-regulation of the process. Much wisdom and patience will be needed, but I believe we have all been called to rethink our lives and return to fundamental values and family-based lifestyles.

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In the top picture, my husband Philip is on the left, then me, then my brother-in-law, Al, and my mother-in-law, my kiaw as they say in the Khasi language.

The second picture is of my sister, Judy Wiles, and me. Judy's cowriting the Bird Room Meditations series.